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"An organization that promotes effective changes in the community"



The American Family offers seminars and workshops to our community members who are fully committed to improve their skills and to promote the well-being of our future generation

These programs help to better understand the development of their children. We teach that through socialization, communication, discipline, emotional support, problem solving and other conflicts our young children may interact with others in a positive and effective way.

Our recent complementary Holistic program is also intended at improving the welfare of our community residents by providing training in preventive health issues.

The AFCS has played a positive role in our community and after many years of providing educational services, parents input, and through our own agency research we have found new sources of information that help us to improve our educational curricula and indeed our community residents.

Many of our participants believe that "parents have a moral, ethical and legal matter in the care and development of our children and their responsibilities include providing health, education, food, shelter, and security to protect them from any abuse". According to them, these "parent education programs should not only be given to adults, but should also aim to school children, mothers who are pregnant and parenting teens who begin to raise their children". 



Our goal is to help parents, community members and families through our educational services and classroom group dynamics. We take advantage from the modern technology including video / audio. Also, we provide individual and family therapy thru third parties to help them to receive appropriate information to improve their skills.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of social workers, therapists and educators who are willing to work on issues that are related to parents and family members and the community at large.



In recent years, we have made a number of changes in every educational curriculum because parents brought up new topics of discussion and through research that was conducted by our organization; we have shown a very interesting and growing need for new educational approaches.
The changes that have been made in our curricula have been very positive and produce effective changes in our parents, especially our new young generation. According to their partners and themselves, our programs have helped them to improve their behavior and daily activities at home. These family dynamic changes have been recognized not only by parents that attended our programs, but also by family members, friends, foster parents agencies, child care organizations, lawyers and child advocates, civil and criminal courts staff, elected officials, community leaders, and ultimately health professionals.

We are confident that you can rely on us in our educational work and innovative programs that we use to address issues that pertain to our families. 



The American Family Community Services offers sixteen (16) bilingual lessons (English/Spanish) in the following educational programs:

01. Anger Management (AM),

02.  Parenting Skills (PS),

03.  Domestic Violence (DV), and

04.  Alcohol & Drug Addiction Education (ADAE).



AFCS status

The AFCS, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit educational tax exemption corporation, a NYS Charity Bureau Registered Organization that relies on financial grants from individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide these programs and many others services. • Incorporated 2005 • © 2013 American Family Community Services • All rights reserved.